"2AM" is my newest creation with Republic Records artist, Adrian Marcel. This time, we wanted to do something fun that captured the lyrics, while still keeping it sexy and clean. Watch as Adrian meets a beautiful young lady, performs with Sage the Gemini, and enjoys a private show that leads to the perfect 2AM.

More coming soon…

I got the pleasure of creating this visual for my talented niece Kehlani Parrish. This video was inspired by her song “Kehlani & Klyde”, which Kehlani wrote as a tale of love, crime, and consequences. The story is a representation of the realities that many experience where she is from, so we set out to create something that felt sincere and organic, while keeping it strictly narrative. We wanted to show the depths of love and loyalty, while still outlining the consequences that come from making bad decisions. Although many would consider this a music video, I like the term “Music driven short film”…Enjoy!

"Mixed Emotions" is my first collaboration with rapper, Lafa Taylor. This video takes you on a ride of sets and scenarios, as Lafa battles with the "mixed emotions" of a love/hate relationship. His playful attitude and comedic nature, inspired me to create a story that made light of these frustrating feelings, while offering a memorable and unexpected visual experience. With his charismatic presence, and wide musical talents, I predict big things for Lafa Taylor!

My video for Canadian born artist, Lila Rose, titled “Heart Machine”, is by far my most visually-creative work yet. The concept was a mixture of metaphoric and literal images that capture Lila’s feelings on love and the ways that it can control us. The video is a symbol for relationships that have left us with fear and doubt, feelings that Lila decides to overcome by the end of the video. The dark feel and tone of this visual follow the hypnotic and somber likeness of the music. With several creative minds and a lot of hard work involved in this project, this is one of my favorite creations thus far.

Here’s a video I directed for LA Pop Artist, Alli Davis, titled “One In A Million”. The song is fun and braggadocios, so I wanted to make a video that followed that lead while incorporating Alli’s love for fashion. The thought behind this video was to create different looks for Alli that reflected several parts of her personality…Rebellious, Sexy, Girly, Fun, and a true Valley Girl. With the vibrant colors and fashion driven scenes, Alli is letting the world know why she’s “Super Trilly…One in a Milli”.